Creativity comes in waves and goes round in circles.


There is this cliché that artists are always creative, they are even expected to be creative all of the time. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. As if that was the only legitimation to be an artist at all. "You are a creative? Then be creative RIGHT NOW!" It's like someone mentions that he speaks several languages and then someone else says "Say something." But that's not how creativity works (that's not how speaking a language works either).


Creativity can not be forced. Creativity is exhausted time after time. And sometimes creativity has a habit of being absent. Reasons for this can be: you have narrated or written or played or created whatever you wanted to and thus this creativity has fulfilled its purpose completely. This is probably the best reason for the exhausted creativity.

Or maybe it was just a small impulse to follow. You looked at this impulse, turned it into a trifle, then settled back contentedly with yourself and the world, and now you wait happily for the next impulse to come. Or - and yes, that too is part of it, even if it's uncomfortable to talk about - too many people have interfered in your work and thus completely taken pleasure in your creative process. Now you have to wait for your next creative infusion - and consider to never speak to these people again...

From these examples one can derive: creativity comes in waves.

There are times when you have a really good idea after another. You constantly improve your ideas, they let you come back to new ideas and so a small impulse keeps growing.

Sometimes you simply do not know where to go with your creativity, because you are overflowing with it. You just start at the point of work that feels right and good. When you are ready to get all the things out of your imagination into reality. You start -  you find yourself in the middle of your creative process. One thing leads to the other, piece by piece, idea by idea - and suddenly it's complete. You look at it with big eyes, feel the energy of it, and you are quite often surprised what your creative power has produced.
And then? Well, after that, nothing will come up for a while.

Because the creative impulse has manifested itself and has gone out with the process of creation. Because you are very exhausted after such an intense time. You have just completed a sort of marathon with yourself. You can not think of anything anymore. No matter how much effort you give yourself. No matter what you look for as an inspiration. You just can not come up with a good idea - if you ever come up with something. The creativity has died down.


In order not to fall into aimless wandering in even more meaningless ideas, you should treat yourself to the calmness. Get involved with other things. Do what you're interested in and what might fall short every time you find yourself back in your creative process.

Creativity needs a break occassionally. Nobody can be creative all of the time. When creativity has recharged its batteries, you will feel it. You will get the next impulse and start the next perfect circle like all of the other times before.

If you now ask, why creativity is a circle - the principle is simple: You start, you keep going, you finish it - and you start again with a new impulse. Wave after wave, circle after circle you give in to your creativity and make it visible for you and - if you want to - for the rest of the world.


So believe me: even if you cannot feel it right now, the next wave of creativity will come.